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  • Umm Qais, sometimes transliterated as Umm Qays, is a town in northern Jordan near the site of the ancient town of Gadara. It is situated in the extreme north-west of the country, where the borders of Jordan, Israel and Syria meet, perched on a hilltop 378 metres (1,240 ft) above sea level, overlooking the sea of Tiberias, the Golan heights and the Yarmuk gorge. The ancient walls may now be traced in almost their entire circuit of 3 km. One of the Roman roads ran eastward to Ḍer‛ah; and an aqueduct has been traced to the pool of Ḳhab, about 20 miles to the north of Ḍer‛ah. The ruins include those of "baths, two theaters, a hippodrome, colonnaded streets and, under the Romans, aqueducts, a temple, a basilica and other buildings, telling of a once splendid city. A paved street, with double colonnade, ran from east to west. The ruts worn in the paved road by the chariot wheels are still to be seen.
  • Jerash, the Gerasa of Antiquity, is the capital and largest city of Jerash Governorate, which is situated in the north of Jordan, 48 kilometres (30 mi) north of the capital Amman towards Syria. Jerash Governorate's geographical features vary from cold mountains to fertile valleys from 250 to 300 metres (820 to 980 ft) above sea level, suitable for growing a wide variety of crops. A strong earthquake in 749 AD destroyed large parts of Jerash, while subsequent earthquakes along with the wars and turmoil contributed to additional destruction. Its destruction and ruins remained buried in the soil for hundreds of years until they were discovered by German Orientalist Ulrich Jasper Seetzen in 1806. He began excavation and a return to life of the current Jerash by inhabitants of older villages.
Byzantine Church terrace at Umm Qais Jordan archeology ruinsSpring time in Umm Qais Jordan ruins flowersScenic view from Gadara ruins hilltop Jordan Umm QaisThe Arch of Hadrian in Jaresh Jordan architecture archeology ruinsThe Oval Forum colonnade in ancient Jerash archeology Jordan architectureThe north Tetrapylon in Jerash Jordan monument ruinsThe Oval Forum colonnade in ancient Jerash JordanSmiling boys in the Roman Theater of Jerash Jordan

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