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Gompas, Gönpas, or Gumbas are Buddhist ecclesiastical fortifications of learning, lineage and sādhanā that may be understood as a conflation of a fortification, a vihara and a university associated with Tibetan Buddhism and thus common in historical Tibetan regions including parts of China, India, Nepal, Ladakh and Bhutan. Bhutanesedzong architecture is a subset of traditional gompa design.
Design and interior details vary from region to region; however, all follow a general sacred geometrical mandala design of a central prayer hall containing a murti or thangka, benches for the monks or nuns to engage in prayer or meditation and attached living accommodation. The gömpa or ling may also be accompanied by any number of stupas.
For practical purposes 'Gompa' is an imprecise term used by westerners traveling in Tibetan regions to refer to a variety of religious buildings, generally correlating to what might be described as a church but including small temple buildings and other places of worship or religious learning.
Statue depicting Maitreya at the Thikse Monastery in Ladakh, IndiaStatue depicting Maitreya at the Thiksey Monastery Ladakh BuddhaShey Palace Ladakh landscapeHeavenly King fresco in Lamayuru monastery buddhism ladakhPreparations for morning prayer in Korzok monastery Ladak India buddhismShanti Stupa temple leh ladakh meditationBuddha defeating the devils reliefs in Shanti Stupa Leh Ladakh India

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