Macaque on Mount Popa staircase contemplating bananaMacaque on Mount Popa staircase contemplating bananaMount Popa is an extinct volcano 1518 metres (4981 feet) above sea level, located in central Myanmar. Mount Popa is a pilgrimage site, with numerous Nat temples and relic sites atop the mountain.

The monkeys are the most well known specie on Popa Mountain. Macaque monkeys roam wild creating all sorts of havoc on the mountain.

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Il monte Popa è un vulcano spento situato nel centro del Myanmar. Il Monte Popa è un luogo di pellegrinaggio, con numerosi templi Nat e siti di reliquie in cima alla montagna.

Le scimmie sono la specie più conosciuta sul monte Popa. I macachi vagano selvaggi creando ogni sorta di caos sulla montagna.

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 “A journey, after all, neither begins in the instant we set out, nor ends when we have reached our door step once again. It starts much earlier and is really never over, because the film of memory continues running on inside of us long after we have come to a physical standstill. Indeed, there exists something like a contagion of travel, and the disease is essentially incurable.”

Ryszard Kapuściński, Travels with Herodotus