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A journey through Yunnan, “South of the Clouds”. This poetic name is the literal translation of Yunnan and reflects its climate, which is pleasant throughout the year, and friendliness of its inhabitants.
Yunnan is situated in a mountainous area, with high elevations in the northwest and low elevations in the southeast. Most of the population lives in the eastern part of the province. Yunnan is rich in natural resources and has the largest diversity of plant life in China.
Yunnan is the province with the most ethnic minorities in China, and twenty-five different groups are found here.

Un viaggio attraverso lo Yunnan, a "Sud delle Nuvole". Questo nome poetico è la traduzione letterale dello Yunnan e riflette il suo clima, che è piacevole tutto l'anno, e la cordialità dei suoi abitanti.
Lo Yunnan è situato in una zona montuosa, con alte quote a nord-ovest e basse quote a sud-est. La maggior parte della popolazione vive nella parte orientale della provincia. Lo Yunnan è ricco di risorse naturali e presenta la più grande diversità di vita vegetale in Cina.
Lo Yunnan è la provincia con il maggior numero di minoranze etniche in Cina, e qui si trovano venticinque gruppi diversi.
Sunrise over rice terraces in Duoyishu Scenic Area Yunnan China sunrise sunsetFashion model posing in Lijiang old town China girlLotus pool at Jianshui Temple of Confucius ChinaIn the street of Shuhe Naxi ancient village China traditional Yunnan lanternThe Double Dragon bridge in Jianshui County china pagodaThe old town of Lijiang China Yunnan lanternMoon Embracing Pavilion and Suocui Bridge at Black Dragon Pool Lijiang ChinaThe Old Town of Lijiang people ChinaMain gate of Chongsheng temple in Dali China YunnanInterior of a poor family's house, in the countryside of Yunnan ChinaTraditional Naxi restaurants in Lijiang Old TownTai Chi in Jade Spring Park in Lijiang China man masterTraditional Naxi restaurant in Lijiang Old Town China Yunnan nightMahavira Hall of Chong Sheng Monastery in Dali City China buddhism templeElderly woman at work at Xizhou market China poeple portraitYuantong temple main hall buddhist cina kunming yunnan dragons hall buddhism buddhaYuanyang rice terraces at Bada site China YunnanZhu Family Garden in Jianshui China Yunnan lantern