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Taken 30-Apr-14

Entrance to Fukuchi-in temple lodging

Fukuchi-in, spanning roughly 16,500 square meters (19,750 square yards), is Koyasan's largest temple lodging. Its storied history spans over 800 years, and its famous garden, Shigemori Mirei, has earned it praise worldwide. This location is also the only Koyasan temple lodging to boast all natural hot spring waters. Breakfast and dinner consist of various type of vegetables, beans and grains prepared in unique and delectable ways. Guests can enjoy these vegetarian delights in the comfort of their own rooms. Guests can also take part in the morning sutra chants, hand-copying of the sutras and Buddhist sermons.

Fukuchi-in official page
Entrance to Fukuchi-in temple lodging japan koya koyasan ryokan