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Taken 4-Apr-15

The north Tetrapylon in Jerash

Lying at the interection of the Cardo with the North Decumanus in Jerash, this is a true Tetrapylon, unlike the South Tetrapylon, wich comprises four monuments. Tetrapylon means "four gates" and is usually a square-shaped structure with a gate on each side. This one was topped with a dome, the ancient one having been rbuilt to what you see today. The north Tetrapylon was propably erected between 165 and 170 AD, before the cardo was widened. Its north and south faces were ambellished with projecting Corinthian columns that stood on tall bases designed as lion-head fountains, although they don't seem to have ever operated as they are not connected to any water system.
The north Tetrapylon in Jerash Jordan monument ruins